Monday, November 30, 2015


Oh yes, I am having fun with the toys! We have gotten quite a large pile of donations so far, and more to come, I pray. 

If anyone asks what they can contribute, please say that we are lacking gifts for older kids. Somehow we have gotten a ton of preschool and baby gifts and that was not even on our list. I am sure God has sent them for a reason, but we are trying to service kids K-12, so we could use some stuff for bigger kids. Remember, they probably do not have electronics.

Some ideas: 
  • a visit to Five can find all kinds of things for preteens and teens there for $5 and less.
  • go to Jo Ann's and buy a yard of polar fleece. Cut it into four 9" strips. Cut fringe into the ends and you will have 4 scarves.
  • Look in dollar bins for blank books/journals, pens, stretchy gloves. Who knows what great dollar stuff could be put into a gift box?
  • Art or journaling supplies: drawing pads, colored pencils, paint and brushes and a small canvas. Get a coupon for Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Jo Ann's. Art supplies are plentiful, and a 40% off coupon makes them affordable. 
  • $5 or $10 gift cards to fast food stores or any of the places mentioned above.
  • Nail polish and manicure stuff for girls
  • Inspirational non fiction paperback books
  • Fun costume Jewelry 
What else can you think of? Please comment below.

Dear Heavenly Father, We thank You and praise You for the generosity of our donors. We thank You for sending us what we need to match whomever will come shopping. 

We ask You Lord for all of the families we will serve to be in Your keeping. May they be moved to answer the invitation to the Marketplace, and find You there. We pray for contacts and relationships to be built, with new friends, and with You. 

Please guide and direct us Lord, that we might do work that is pleasing to You, and that serves someone who really needs Christmas help as well as some encouragement and freely given friendliness.

In Jesus' name we pray,


  1. These are great ideas! I saw an art kit (with pastel crayons etc.) in the dollar section of Target for $5. I will try to grab a few but if anyone happens to be at Target, it's a pretty sweet set, according to my 4th grader!

    Also, I went to $5 below and picked up some cool electronic toys (hover balls, electric microphone, radio control car) plus a nail decorating gift. The woman at checkout said that the hover balls in particular are going like hotcakes...very popular this year! I was encouraged that these could end up being well-liked by the kids.

  2. Thank you Laura! Great ideas!